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A bassoonist by trade, I have performed around the world as solo, chamber, orchestral, and opera orchestra performer and for CDs. I can tell you, nothing compares to being in the midst of live music. If you've performed or attended a live performance and truly let the music absorb your being, you know this. If you've never experienced this, go: find a concert, put on a CD and headphones, surround yourself in it. And remember: the artist who first thought, penned, performed these sounds was a person, a life with all the worries, dreams, fears, and loves of you and me.
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Selected performances: Listen*

Poulenc Trio, Julie Schlafer performing

Saint-Saens Sonata I, Julie Schlafer performing

*requires flash to listen to selections

Weissenborn Turkish March, Julie Schlafer performing

Etler Sonata I, Moderately Slow, Julie Schlafer performing

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