j.s. music favorites

JS Bach: Aus Liebe will mein Heiland, St. Matthäus Passion

A gorgeous aria from Bach's St. Matthew Passion (begins at 2:12ish). Listen especially for the the flute line; it's wonderfully expressive.

Prokofiev - Romeo And Juliet - Montagues And Capulets

A musical depiction of the strife between Romeo's and Juliet's families, this opening is one of the most powerful sounds to experience live. It begins with 
increasingly loud, not-too-pleasant sounds that extinguish to leave only the stillness of the strings' sounds. 

Mozart Gran Partita, K 361‎, 3rd Movement: Adagio


An absolutely magical piece-I first heard this in a "prism" concert--the music was continuous and came from different locations around the hall. This piece  began from above, in the balcony area and scented the air with its beauty.