Appointment Slots

posted Oct 14, 2012, 8:55 AM by Julie Sharma   [ updated May 13, 2013, 6:54 PM ]
Note: Google is disabling the Appointment Slots feature through Google Calendar.  As of 11/4/2013, Google users will not be able to create new appointment slots; existing slots will work through 12/2013. However, Appointment Slots will remain for Google Apps users: more.  For alternatives, see here.

Do you find yourself needing to schedule students for presentation projects or office hours but always struggling with how best to do so?  If your school is on Google Apps for Education (or at least you and your students have Google accounts), you could really benefit from using Google Calendar appointment slots.  Here are the basics of how this works:
  1. select a block(s) of times (from day or week view) on your calendar and choose appointment slots
  2. add details to the event, including title, location, and any guests who will be present at all times (a TA, for example)
  3. save the event 
  4. share the appointment calendar link with your students
  5. students (need to be signed in with their Google account) click on the link and will see their own calendar items overlapped with the appointment times you created
  6. from there, students book the times that work best for them
  7. booked events are added to your Google Calendar
For more specifics on how to set up and use these, visit Using appointment slots