Education Google Site Template

posted Apr 2, 2012, 8:16 AM by Julie Sharma   [ updated Jul 31, 2012, 7:49 PM ]
Educators are increasingly working to have an online presence either as the main class or a component part. However, the online environment can be a lot of work for educators and sometimes not supply the type of information students want.  Online environments that are at all cumbersome to navigate can deter students from getting the most out of tools provided there.  In many cases, students want an online homebase where they can get reminders or review important points for class.

To help educators meet these points, I have created a Google Sites website template that automatically puts information important to students in the spotlight. This template has
  • pages for 
    • assignments (teacher-created blog-style entries)
    • homework (customizable list of sortable items with name, due date, and description)
    • materials (list of teacher-uploaded files and/or website links)
    • syllabus in both in-page pdf and downloadable pdf
  • homepage with most recent, automatically updating items from
    • course calendar (just add events/due dates to a Google calendar for the class, and they automatically post on homepage)
    • assignments posts
    • homework list
    • materials
  • option to include a contact form
  • "subscribe to posts" option on assignments page for students to receive updates (with methods to use on all browsers)
  • search box with option to search website or the web
  • instructions for customizing 
Hopefully this template will give educators the power to easily create a dynamic online homebase for students to have access to the information they need most.